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Carsumo specializes in purchasing used, junk, and unwanted cars, offering top dollar and efficient transactions. Enjoy free towing and fast pickup, making it hassle-free to sell your car.
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Get a real-time offer for your car based on the latest market data. No waiting, no haggling.

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Schedule a pickup at your convenience, anywhere across our service areas. We handle the towing, free of charge.

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Tell us about your car, accept our offer, and get paid on the spot.

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Junk Car Buyers
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No Car, No Problem

Even if your car is barely more than a shell, we see the potential. Missing wheels, major damage, or just a pile of parts? We’re interested.

A Greener Choice

Selling your car to Carsumo is not just convenient—it's also eco-friendly. We ensure that all parts and materials are recycled responsibly, reducing waste and environmental impact.

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Get your free offer today and see how easy it is to sell your car with Carsumo.

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Turning Your
Less-Than-Perfect Cars
Into Perfect Deals

Mechanical Issues

Engine troubles, transmission problems, and more.

Non-Running Vehicles

Cars that won't start?
No problem.

Totaled Vehicles

Serious accident damage?
We handle that.

Broken Cars

From minor fixes to
major mechanical issues.

Parts Cars

Even if it’s just for parts,
we’re interested.

Junk or Scrap Cars

Ready for recycling,
ready for us.

Damage/Falling Objects

Affected by the unexpected? We’ve got you covered


From minor fixes to
major mechanical issues.

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"Fantastic Experience!"
"Selling my old Honda was so straightforward with Carsumo! I received an instant quote online, scheduled the free pickup for the next day, and got paid right on the spot. Highly recommend their services if you're looking to sell your car without any hassle. The team was professional and incredibly efficient!"
Daney Koster
"Best Car Selling Service!"
"I was skeptical about selling my car online, but Carsumo made it a breeze. They offered a fair price, handled all the paperwork, and even picked up the car from my home in Toronto. I didn't have to worry about anything. Great service and very trustworthy!" 
Mark D.
"Quick and Easy!"
"Carsumo exceeded my expectations. After my car stopped running, I thought it would be a nightmare to get rid of it. Carsumo provided an instant offer and picked up the car the very same week. The whole process was quick, easy, and transparent. I got a good price for my car without any of the usual stress!"
Daney Koster
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vehicles does Carsumo buy?

We buy all types, including junk, damaged, non-running, and used cars, exclusively within Ontario.

How do I get an offer for my vehicle?

Fill out our online form with your vehicle’s details (make, model, year, condition) to receive an instant quote.

How quickly can you pick up my vehicle?

We typically arrange for pickup within 24 to 48 hours from the time you accept our offer.

What documents do I need to sell my vehicle?

You’ll need your vehicle ownership (title) and a Used Vehicle Information Package, which is required in Ontario.

Must I be present during the vehicle pickup?

Yes, either you or an authorized representative must be present to hand over the vehicle and sign the required documents.

Are there any fees for using Carsumo's services?

Absolutely not. Our quotes, towing, and pickup services are completely free within Ontario.

What method is used for payment?

Payment is usually made cash at the time of vehicle pickup.

Can I sell a vehicle on behalf of someone else?

Yes, with legal authorization and the correct documentation, including a signed Power of Attorney.

What happens to my vehicle after sale?

It may be auctioned, sold for parts, or recycled, depending on its condition.

How should I prepare my vehicle for pickup?

Remove all personal items and ensure the vehicle is easily accessible for towing.

What if my vehicle is damaged after I receive an offer?

You should update us on the new condition as it may affect the offer.

Can I cancel my offer if I change my mind?

You can cancel at any time before the vehicle is picked up without any penalties.

Does Carsumo buy vehicles without titles?

In Ontario, a vehicle ownership (title) is necessary to sell your vehicle.

What if there is a loan on my vehicle?

We can buy your vehicle if the loan amount can be cleared with the sale proceeds.

How does Carsumo ensure its offers are fair?

Our offers are based on current market evaluations and the specific condition and details of your vehicle.

Does Carsumo operate outside of Ontario?

Currently, our services are available exclusively within Ontario.

What should I do with my license plates after selling my vehicle?

You should remove them and either transfer them to another vehicle or return them to the Ministry of Transportation.

Can I get a revised offer if I disagree with the initial quote?

Yes, we are open to discussing any discrepancies or additional details that might affect the valuation.

What factors most significantly affect the value of my vehicle?

The condition, mileage, make, model, age, and market demand are major factors.

We provide essential maintenance to all users!
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